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Born and raised in Germany and the United States Mara now resides in Switzerland. She is a Portrait & Glamour Photographer and multi-skilled artist who started her career as haute couture fashion designer, stylist and engineer. With a keen eye for detail, color and light she creates modern, clean and elegant portraits for her clients. Her commitment to lifelong learning has carried Mara on a deep journey into the craft of portrait photography and she’s taken every opportunity to educate herself through workshops and courses of internationally rewarded master and elite photography educators. She is moved, touched and inspired by natural beauty and human connection, and the emotional moment of capturing the soul in her clients eyes. While her work has carried her to many beautiful places all over the world, she is most engaged and challenged to learn bits of a new language and culture, meet local people and takes in every element of a moment- sights, scents , sounds and feelings. This is when she feels most alive. The camera allows her to capture and share these moments.
Hello dear,

My name is Mara and i am a professional portrait photographer based in the heart of Switzerland.

I love to capture the beauty, elegance and confidence in every woman. I like to invite you to a personal photo session with me - it will change the way you see yourself. My mission is to create the most beautiful portraits you have ever seen of yourself, and will cherish for life. I have served the fashion industry as designer, artist and stylist before taking up my career as photographer and know how beauty looks. It is my passion to make you shine in the spotlight and capture yours with my camera.

Photographs that capture your beauty and your personality - portraits that you'll love and then lovingly pass on to your children. I like to show you how beautiful you are and help you reconnect with the woman you maybe have not seen for some time and be awed by her again - the gorgeous woman that you thought you'd lost.

Let your imagination flow, this is the time to design and experience your dream photo shoot and get photos, that you have always admired in lifestyle magazines - but featuring you as the COVER GIRL! Tell me more how you dream of being photographed!

I have traveled many places in the world to portrait my clients. Besides taking your portraits in the comfort of my studio, I offer to design your photoshoot at your personal dream location.

With love,