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Terms and conditions

for photo shootings and workshops

1. General information
The general terms and conditions apply to all offers, contracts, orders, services of Mara Star Portraits.With the order, use of a service or reservation of a date, the terms and conditions are considered to have been read and accepted.
2. Registration
With the registration for the photo shooting/workshop the date and the reservation fee will be confirmed. We accept payment in cash, by twint, bank transfer or credit card. With the receipt of the payment the shooting date / workshop place is definitely booked.
3. Cancellation
Photo shooting
  • Up to 21 days before the shooting date: free alternative date
  • Up to 7 days before the shooting date: 50% of the shooting costs plus cancellation of booked third-party services such as Makeup Artist and choice of an alternative date.
  • Up to 2 days before the shooting date: 80% of the shooting costs plus cancellation of booked third party services such as Makeup Artist/ Hairdresser and choice of an alternative date.
  • No-show and cancellation the day before: The deposit paid for the shooting will not be refunded and will not be credited to an alternative date.
  • In the event that Mara Star Portraits postpones the photo shoot due to unforeseen circumstances, an alternative date will be arranged. The client waives any further claims for damages.
With the receipt of the confirmation, the workshop registration is binding and the workshop fee must be paid in advance. In case of cancellation by the participant a partial refund will be made.
  • Cancellation until 30 days: CHF 50,-
  • Cancellation until 21 days: 50% of the workshop fee
  • Cancellation until 7 days: 80% of the workshop fee
  • From 7 days or no-show: no refund
If a replacement participant is found, also via the internal waiting list of the workshop leader, the workshop fee will be refunded minus a processing fee of CHF 30,-.
If the workshop has to be cancelled for organizational reasons, an alternative date will be offered if possible. If the participant is prevented from attending the alternative date, he/she has the right to a full refund.
4. Photo shooting on Sundays and holidays
Fee - surcharge of 20 %
5. Liability and damages
Participation in a photo shoot or workshop is at your own risk. Mara Star Portraits is not liable for accidents. For an insurance the participants are responsible for themselves.
During the photo shooting and consulting sessions, as well as during workshops, damages on on our equipment and interior caused by the client or participant will be charged. Parents are especially obliged to supervise their children in the studio rooms.
6. Right of use of the pictures
Private Photo Shooting
The customer may use the images without restriction for private, non-commercial purposes. When publishing the pictures in social media, the name of the photographer must be mentioned in a suitable form. With the introduced sign © , hashtag #marastarportriats or with a similar note (e.g. "All rights by Mara Star Portraits"). If the note is omitted, the client owes compensation in the amount of 100% of the fee in addition to the agreed fee.
The private client agrees that the photographer may use the pictures for her own advertising. In the case of photos showing nudity and erotic content, pictures are only shown with the consent of the customer.
Personal Branding
ShootingThe customer may use the images commercially without restriction. In return, the photographer has the right to use the customer's name and images for self-promotion online and in print, at exhibitions, and in discussions with potential customers as a reference.
The copyright of the photographs remains with Mara Star Portraits.
Mara Star Portraits retains the copyright of the photographs created. Changes to the photographic material through analogue or digital composing as well as assembly for the production of a new copyright protected work require the prior written consent of Mara Star Portraits. The photographic material may not be copied, reproduced, photographed or used as a motif in the picture.
In the event of any unauthorized use, utilization, modification, reproduction or transfer of the photographic material, a contractual penalty amounting to three times the usage fee shall be payable for each individual case, subject to further claims for damages.
7. Artistic freedom of design
Photos, photo products and post-processing are always subject to the artistic scope of Mara Star Portraits. Complaints regarding the exercised artistic freedom of design are therefore excluded. Subsequent requests for changes require a separate agreement and are to be paid for separately.
8. Archiving
After the personal selection and purchase of the images by the customer, the digital files are archived for a period of 6 months and then deleted.
9. Travel expenses and directions
Travel expenses outside the studio from 10 km are charged at 1.00 CHF / km, plus time expenditure of CHF 80,- per hour of travel. Flight and hotel expenses will be charged separately according to the order offered.
10. Our services
  • High-end all-inclusive: All photos are elaborately retouched with the artistic signature of the photographer in magazine quality without the person losing their authenticity. This signature retouching and fine art art prints of the selected pictures are already included in the purchase! There are no hidden extra costs!
  • The Premium Packages include a noble portfolio box and an exclusive USB stick with the digital files.
  • In the studio all drinks incl. Prosecco and small snacks are included, as well as the use of our exclusive studio wardrobe and accessories.
  • Boudoir Shootings include a luxurious makeover with professional make-up artist / hairdresser!
  • Our shootings take place without time pressure and with lots of fun!
Applicable is Swiss law and place of performance Olten,
Olten 2020